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Been Turned Down by a Lawyer?

Help When Turned Down by a Lawyer

People get their case rejected for many reasons. It is important that you realize that getting experienced legal help can make the difference of getting a settlement and getting turned down.

Here are some reasons why people get their cases turned down

  • Their information was not organized when presented to a lawyer.
  • They were not able to communicate their case to a lawyer.
  • Their case did not fit the criteria of the law firm they contacted.
  • They submitted their case online and did not follow up with law firms.
  • Their statute of limitations ran out.

The Changing Legal Market Space

A survey among our visitors found that many of you have had a difficult time navigating through the legal market space in search of a lawyer. Visitors seeking legal help have told us that it is getting harder and harder to find good legal help on the Internet.

We see that big law firms dominate the search results for most legal categories and are only looking for the "cherry picked" cases that have large settlement potential while rejecting 80-90% of their inquiries. Many of those rejected are legitimate cases that require legal help to resolve. This forces many legal consumers to keep searching.

We have seen that some visitors have been sold through legal lead generators to lawyers with the highest bid. The leads went to the same big firms that were only "cherry picking" the best cases. This leaves a large number of legal consumers lost in the system - still seeking experienced legal representation.

We have observed that many good lawyers are shut out of the top results for many legal categories because they do not have the money to compete with the big firms on search engines. Again, the result is that the legal consumer is not able to find good legal representation.

We invite you to try our new Paid Legal Placement Service

We invite you first to use our FREE Legal Placement Service where we submit your case information to lawyers in our database that fit your legal situation.

If you have a case that you are having difficulty getting placed with a lawyer we invite you will use our $250 Personal Legal Placement Service. We will spend the time necessary to help you organize your case information and stay with you until we find you a lawyer that fits your legal situation. Remember, if we can't place you with a lawyer you pay only $75 to find out if you have a real case!

We cannot help solve everyone's legal situation, but we can help you with your legal options and walk you through the process of getting the legal help that you need.

Contact a Legal Help Centers client placement specialist to learn about how this new service works.

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