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A class action lawsuit pools the claims of many investors and brings them against the firm in one large suit. Recoveries made will be distributed appropriately. Investor's who own shares that have lost value due to a failure by the company to disclose material facts in a timely way, may be able to bring a class action.

Class actions are useful because they provide access to the courts for people whose claims are relatively small and for whom it would not make economic sense to bring an individual lawsuit. Because class actions are brought on behalf of large groups of people, they strengthen plaintiffs' position. With a Class Action suit plaintiffs as a group can more easily retain the type of specialized legal counsel they need to match the economic and personnel resources of corporate defendants.

You are not required to participate as a class representative. It is important, however, that there be a number of class representatives, since their participation helps to demonstrate to the court that the issue is one that concerns many people - not just one or two who were willing to step forward. Your participation could aid the class as a whole or affect the course of the litigation.

Class Action Lawsuits Can Include:

  • Institutional and individual investors
  • Pension funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Consumers and small businesses
  • Securities Fraud
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Class actions
  • Shareholder rights
  • Consumer litigation and cases against financial service providers, including banks, mortgage bankers, consumer debt collectors, consumer reporting agencies (credit bureaus) and credit card issuers

An attorney can help advise you to join a class action lawsuit that is already being brought against a brokerage firm that has defrauded investors. If you have suffered financial losses because of securities fraud, it is very important that you contact a securities fraud attorney soon. A stock fraud attorney will review your case and advise you on how to pursue compensation. If your case has potential, your lawyer will advise you to use the arbitration process, join a class action suit, or bring your case to court.


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