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Traumatic Brain Injury

Did You Know

1.5 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries each year. 50,000 of those injuries are fatal, and 80,000 leave victims with lifelong disabilities. Survivors of brain damage face physical, cognitive, behavioral, as well as emotional complications. Those with severe brain damage often need as much as 10 years of rehabilitation.

Transportation accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, including accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, and scooters.

Sports, such as football, baseball, skiing, skating, and horseback riding are all sports where helmets are worn to protect against accidental brain injury.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused by strenuous shaking of an infant, which causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull and can eventually lead to death. Shaken Baby Syndrome is the leading cause of the death of infants.

Gunshots to the head are another leading cause of serious brain injuries.

Survivors of accidents who have suffered brain damage may be entitled to monetary compensation. Filing a traumatic brain injury lawsuit may be recommended after discussing your case with a Traumatic Brain Injury lawyer.