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Personal Injury - Lawsuit Costs

Did You Know?

The economic costs auto of accidents is more than $150 billion per year

How Much Will it Cost to Start a Lawsuit?

Always get the terms of your retainer agreement with any attorney in writing. This way you are assured that you will never pay an attorney's fee unless a recovery, either by way of settlement or verdict, is made in your personal injury lawsuit.

All of the attorneys that we participate in our Lawyer Referral Service will take your case on a contingent fee basis. What this means is the law firm takes a percentage of the recovery. If there is no recovery the client is NOT responsible for any lawyer fees or any costs or expenses. Therefore, you are not taking any risks in filing a lawsuit.

Most people who are in a serious accident are now recovering from their injuries, so paying hourly legal fees is not practical. In most cases attorney fees can range from 33% to 40% range of the settlement. If an attorney is unable to collect money on your behalf, there is NO COST or charge associated with your end of the agreement. This is important because the cost of a trial can become an enormous burden for a patient that is already suffering enough; therefore a lawyer that works with no upfront costs to you is a great asset.


If you are in need of legal advice or services, or simply wish to speak to an attorney who has successfully handled a bus accident cases in your state, you may use this Free Online Consultation Form.

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