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Industrial Accident

Did you know?

Everyday in America, numerous industrial, manufacturing and refinery workers are killed or maimed due to the negligent conduct on the part of their employer or the negligence of a third party company The Workman's Compensation Statutes exist in order to compensate victims of industrial accidents.

When an employer does not fix a problem that they know poses a risk to the employees they can be held responsible. Industrial accidents can result in severe injuries, including, amputations, disfigurement (scars and burns), spinal cord injury, head injury, fatalities and other physical and emotional traumas.

Industrial and manufacturing plant accident injuries commonly are due to falls from ladders and scaffolding, crane accidents, toxic chemical exposures, asbestos exposures, falls from roofs, falls in holes without guarding or barricades, electrocutions, lack of catch nets, back injury due to heavy lifting, and personal injuries from being hit by falling objects in refineries, warehouses and construction sites. Many other workers are injured while using defective or dangerous products including scaffolding, cranes, power tools derricks, hoists, conveyors, woodworking tools, ladders, winches, trucks, graters, scraper, tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, as well as many other types of equipment found at or near industrial, refinery and factory workers.

Some typical examples of causes of industrial accidents

  • The lack of proper safety equipment can result in an industrial accident
  • Industrial accidents can be caused by poorly maintained machinery
  • Unsafe working practices often lead to industrial accidents
  • Poor training is certainly going to contribute to an industrial accident
  • Lack of health and safety procedures have been known to foster industrial accidents
  • Industrial accidents can be caused by the use of incorrect tools supplied for the job

Following an industrial accident injury you should seek medical attention right away. Take photographs of your injuries and write down the events leading up to your accident, as this information may be helpful to prove negligence on the part of the employer. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, including that of medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, etc.

Always Report Your Industrial Accident

If you were in an industrial accident and suspect that the fault lies with someone other than your employer, the industrial accident may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury suits concerning industrial accidents can recover financial losses, pay for medical care, and compensate victims for other resulting damages. Industrial accident law can be complicated, and regulations may vary by state. An attorney familiar with industrial accident law in your state may be able to help you make key decisions regarding your case.


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