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Helicopter Crash Injury

Did You Know?

Everyday throughout the world a person in seriously injured or killed as a result of a helicopter crash or aviation accident.

helicopter_crash_injuryHelicopter accidents are an exceptionally difficult area of Aviation Law due to the technical complexity of the aircraft. In the typical helicopter crash, many different causes of action may exist against a number of potential defendants. After extensive investigations it is often determined that the helicopter pilot or charter company was at fault. In other helicopter crashes, the cause may be in a defective helicopter part, a poorly maintained craft, a defective design of the helicopter, or from use of rebuild or worn out helicopter parts.

Causes of Helicopter Crashes

In the typical crash involving a helicopter, many different causes of action may exist against a number of potential defendants. Another area of potential liability is against the actual manufacturer of the helicopter for design and manufacturing defects, breach of warranties, and failure to properly warn of known defects and dangers of the product.

Also the engine, rotor, blade and gear box re-builders are a constant source for liability due to them often failing to completely tear down and properly rebuild the component part within the proper specs. In helicopter crash litigation, all potential defendants are brought into the case.

Experienced Witnesses

In order to prevail in a helicopter or general aviation crash case you must prove whose fault caused in whole or in part the crash. In order to do this, aviation engineers, helicopter crash experts and accident investigators must be hired to study the facts of the case, interview witness to determine what or who caused the helicopter to crash.


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