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Manganese Settlement

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Workers mine and process Manganese for various purposes and products like batteries, fertilizers, pesticides, ceramics, as a gasoline additive, and dietary supplements. Everyday, people are exposed to manganese through their food, air, soil, and water.

Manganese Settlement $500,000

Philadelphia - In just the third known verdict against welding rod manufacturers, a Pennsylvania jury awarded a former welder $500,000 against BOC (AIRCO) and Lincoln Electric Co., finding that the welding companies negligently exposed him to defective products that caused his lung cancer.

Manganese settlements occur when the defendant in a manganese exposure lawsuit comes to a mutual agreement (the manganese settlement) with the plaintiff for a set amount of money. Defendants often try to reach a manganese settlement for a variety of reasons, and in most cases, both sides benefit from reaching manganese settlements, since settling out of court can save large amounts of money in legal fees.

Manganese Settlements

Manganese settlements may appeal to defendants trying to avoid the possibly negative publicity of a trial; a manganese settlement can also total much less than the amount named in the suit. Once reached, a manganese settlement is final: the plaintiff may not file suit against the defendant after agreeing to a manganese settlement-;the agreement is legally binding for both sides and terminates the litigation.

Many plaintiffs find manganese settlements beneficial because they are frequently much less time-consuming than litigation. Plaintiffs who accept a manganese settlement may do so in part so that they can receive the funds from the manganese settlement in order to pay medical bills and secure the their families' futures.

Manganese Settlement – 1 Million

Ailing plaintiff wins $1 million award from jury A Madison County jury awarded $1 million Tuesday to a Collinsville man who claimed he developed a disease like Parkinson's from working around welding fumes.

A few similar cases have been tried in the United States , but this was the first to win a judgment. The same case in June ended with a hung jury. The plaintiff, 65-year-old Larry Elam, claimed he developed a Parkinson's-type disease at age 57 because he welded and worked around welders at Union Electric in Missouri . He sued BOC Group, Hobart Brothers and Lincoln Electric, manufacturers of welding rods.


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