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Visitation Rights

Child Visitation Rights or √íSecondary Physical Custody√ď can be awarded to the parent without primary physical custody. This is known as child visitation rights. Visitation rights allow that parent to be able to spend time with their child so that they can maintain and develop their relationship with their children after the marriage has dissolved. Some parents now use "parenting time" or a similar phrase when drafting agreements addressing this issue. Schedules for visitation can either be determined by the court or by agreement of the parents. Child custody and visitation agreements can be changed by agreement of both parents or by the Court.

Routine reasons for changes to child custody or visitation include:

  • Moving: States allow parent who has child custody to move, no matter where they wish to move.
  • Change of circumstances: Something that substantially disrupts the child's life, such as the custodial parent losing their job, becoming seriously ill or moving.
  • Change of lifestyle: Major change to the custodial parent's situation that may threaten to harm the child or their welfare.

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