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Social Security Disability

Did You Know?

Statistics show that SSI & SSDI claimants who have professional representation have been much more successful in obtaining benefits than people who choose to represent themselves.

It is a good idea to speak with a disability representative before filing your claim or if you have been denied SSD or SSDI benefits.

How Can a Social Security Disability (SSDI) Professional Help You?

  • If you are denied a Social Security Disability or a SSI Claim, it is often because there was a lack of medical evidence in support of your claim or the Administration did not consider all your impairments or the Social Security Administration failed to apply the correct legal rules.
  • A Social Security Disability professional can give you advice about what you need to do to prove your disability and help you gather medical evidence.
  • A Social Security Disability professional can request copies of your medical records and make sure these records are included in your final disability claim.
  • Professionals specializing in Disability claims can request that your treating doctor provide a detailed report of what you can and cannot do because of your impairment and can ensure that any necessary SSI & SSDI appeals are timely filed.
  • Every day you wait to file is one more day until you begin receiving your money. There is NO RISK to you. If we do not win - you do not pay!

If you would like to speak with a Social Security Disability lawyer please tell us about your case.