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Parental Kidnapping

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Family Law - Parental Kidnapping

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 150,000 kidnappings by a parent of his or her child occur in the United States each year. Many aren't reported, though, and some studies have said the figure may be over 500,000. Experts say 90% of parental kidnappings are motivated by desire for revenge against the custodial parent. The child becomes a pawn in the painful game between its mother and father.

Kidnapping charges vary in their specifics between different states. In some locations, the person commits kidnapping as soon as the victim is compelled to remain in a place against his/her will. Kidnapping in other states requires that the victim be moved by force for a specified distance. Kidnapping that crosses state lines automatically becomes a federal felony.

Presently there are two forms of kidnapping, general or traditional kidnapping and parental kidnapping.

General Kidnapping

A person may be accused of kidnapping if he/she unlawfully and without consent, removes a person from a location, or if he/she unlawfully confines another for a substantial period of time in a place of isolation.

Parental Kidnapping

Anyone who is a relative of a child less than eighteen years old, who without lawful authority, holds or intends to hold such a child permanently or for a protracted period of time, or takes or entices a child from his lawful custodian, can be accused of "parental kidnapping".


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