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An experienced Immigration Lawyer can help you understand your Immigration options, make choices and take actions that will help put your Immigration troubles behind. We get you in contact with experienced Immigration lawyers in your state.

  • We help solve immigration problems
  • We help Understand your options and be at ease getting through the process.
  • We have aggressive lawyers with a strong track record of success.
  • For 17 years, our attorneys have been assisting both individuals and sponsoring businesses from across the United States and around the world with the immigration process.
  • High client service standard.
  • Fast case preparation time.
  • We understand the importance of getting it right the first time!
  • Avoid common delays in case processing

Please tell us about yourself and your situation so we may understand how to help you. This form will be kept strictly confidential. Let us help you solve your immigration problems. We will contact you by telephone or email. We look forward to helping you.

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Immigration Services Include the Following Categories:

B1 Business Visitor
B2 Pleasure Visitor
Criminal Issues and Inadmissibility (We deal with these issues regularly)
E-1 Investor (Trader) Visa
E-2 Investor Visa
EB1A People of Extraordinary Ability
EB1B Professors and Researchers
EB1C Executives and Managers
EB2 Professionals with Advanced Degrees
EB3 Professionals, Skilled Workers, Others
H1B Professional in Specialized Occupation (non profit)
H1B Professional in Specialized Occupation (Renewal)
H1B Professional in Specialized Occupation
H1C Nurses
H2B Unskilled Temporary Workers
H3 Trainees
H4 Spouses and children under 21 of H Visa Holders
I-130 Relatives
K1 Fiancee Visa
K2 Children of Fiancee Visa
K-3 Spouse Speed Up Visa
L1A Intercompany Transferee
L1B Specialized knowledge Employee
TN Treaty Nationals