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Zocor is also known as simvastatin, a cholesterol lowering medication, which is manufactured by Merck & Co.   Zocor is part of the statin family of cholesterol drugs and is considered a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitor.

Recently, another statin drug, Baycol, was taken off of the market following the deaths of at least 52 people. As a result, the safety of all statin drugs has subsequently come into question. While the FDA claims that Zocor causes significantly fewer adverse side effects than Baycol, the agency recognizes that Zocor does establish some risk.

All statins increase a patient's chances of developing myositis and rhabdomyolysis, potentially fatal conditions that cause muscle pain and muscle deterioration and may lead to kidney failure. According to the FDA, the chances of developing myositis or rhabdomyolysis from Zocor are low. As such, Zocor remains on the market. See a licensed doctor if you have concerns regarding the safety of Zocor, other statins, or any prescription drug. It should be noted that with the exception of Baycol, most doctors believe that the benefits of statin therapy outweigh the risks connected with this class of medications.

Researchers have associated concurrent use of Serzone and Zocor to the development of rhabdomyolysis. A March 2003 article, written by physicians at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and published in John Hopkins University's Advanced Studies in Medicine , discussed three recent cases of rhabdomyolysis in individuals, which had undergone concomitant use of Serzone and Zocor.