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Serevent is the brand name of a drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline for the management of asthma. A recent study of Serevent and another Glaxo asthma product, Advair, established that both medications can cause fatal attacks in some individuals. A safety monitoring board shut down the Serevent study once the heightened danger of death was exposed. Since then, the FDA has forced Glaxo to put a black box warning on Serevent and Advair, disclosing the significant risk of death on the packaging and in ads. As of December 2003, no such caution existed on product packaging or marketing material for Serevent.

Serevent is an aerosol spray used two times daily to open the bronchial airways, permitting asthma individuals to breathe more easily. It is a very popular asthma medication, and is widely used, making the lack of a visible warning of potentially lethal side effects for users of Serevent all the more disturbing. Although the Glaxo study was cut short, the risks associated with Serevent can be seen in the data that was collected showed that three times the number of asthmatics using Serevent or Advair died of asthma than asthma patients who used alternate medications or a placebo. The risk is also increased for patients using Serevent who do not use a companion medication to control inflammation. African-Americans using Serevent are at a greatly increased risk of lethal side effects compared to other races, although researchers are still uncertain as to why African-Americans are excessively affected.

If you or a loved one is taking Serevent, you should consult a doctor with any concerns you may have regarding side effects and complications.   Individuals using Serevent should not stop the use of this medication without first consulting a physician. People who believe they are suffering from side effects of Serevent or Advair should contact an attorney who has experience representing Serevent patients to learn more about their legal rights and potential courses of action. Individuals injured by their use of Serevent could be entitled to financial restitution for lost wages, health costs, pain and suffering, etc.