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People have experienced serious Rezulin injury cases, ranging from death to serious health conditions. The risks of suffering a Rezulin injury is that warning signs are not evident so an individual would continue to take Rezulin regardless of the worsening condition that was taking place. Rezulin injury patients have been filing lawsuits against Rezulin manufacturer Warner-Lambert for the wrongful deaths and harmful side effects caused.

A Rezulin injury may enable you to receive compensation. By speaking to a qualified and reputable attorney a Rezulin injury sufferer can find out if they may have a Rezulin injury claim. The facts show that Warner-Lambert knew Rezulin injury instances were occurring very early on, yet failed to give adequate warning to Rezulin patients.

There are a variety of Rezulin injury cases that have occurred, but the most reported instances of a Rezulin injury have been liver effects. The liver Rezulin injury instances have included liver toxicity leading to death or liver transplantation.