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A recent consultation looking at evidence for the safety and effectiveness of co-proxamol found that the benefits of the medicine did not outweigh the risks and that it should be gradually withdrawn from clinical use. Co-proxamol is associated with 300-400 intentional and accidental fatal overdoses each year. 

Co-proxamol, is prescribed to hundreds of thousands of people every year has been the subject of a staggered withdrawal because of evidence that it can cause death if patients exceed the maximum recommended dosage by as little as two tablets.

There is little evidence that co-proxamol is more effective in treating pain than normal paracetamol in the recommended dose. Around 300-400 self-poisoning deaths each year, of which around a fifth are accidental, involve co-proxamol.   Prescribers are aware of the serious risks to patients who exceed the recommended dose on co-proxamol. The MHRA has conducted a review of the risks and benefits of co-proxamol and the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) has advised that the balance of risks and benefits of co-proxamol is unfavorable.

In the US the drug is advertised under the term Darvon and Darvon.