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Cipro (Ciprofloxacin), an associate of the quinolone group of antibiotics, is used to treat bacterial infections of the abdomen, skin, bones, urinary tract, and lower respiratory system. Physicians also administer the antibiotic for the treatment of bronchial infections, typhoid fever, prostate gland infections and tuberculosis. Cipro gained national interest when physicians announced that the antibacterial drug is effective against inhalation anthrax.

Several side effects have been connected to the use of Cipro. These side effects may consist of rashes, fever, jaundice, and shortness of breath, tingling, itching, and hives. Rarely, fatal allergic reactions are reported in first time users. Patients taking certain asthma medications, including Theophylline, in conjunction with Cipro has also reported reactions.

Cipro has also been linked to tendon ruptures. A recent study performed on lab rats in Germany discovered that the rodents' Achilles tendons endured "degenerative alterations" soon after Cipro therapy started. Researchers now deem that Cipro may have a toxic effect on connective tissue formations, a theory that may justify tendon ruptures. In the study, ruptures continued to occur even after the animals stopped receiving the drug. Cipro tendon rupture may be as high as 1 in 250.