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Bitter Orange

FDA announced that they are looking into the safety of substitutes to ephedra. Bitter Orange (generic name: Citrus Aurantium) seems to be one of these products that have filled the market niche which ephedra had.   Bitter Orange contains synerphrine, which produces stimulation comparable to ephedra, and several consider it as dangerous as Ephedra.

Manufacturers of supplements are already gearing up to substitute ephedra with supplements like bitter orange. An FDA spokesman said Bitter Orange has been connected with seven deaths and 25 harmful reactions.

New generations of herbal diet pills, containing bitter orange, are now being used and are being marketed as safe alternatives to the banned ephedra. These popular products include Xenadrine EFX and Metabolife's Metabolife Ultra.

Metabolife refused to respond to questions about Metabolife products that contain bitter orange or if the company has performed any product safety tests.

Researchers say the supplement may possibly cause cancer, severe liver or kidney damage, heart problems, or even death. Unfortunately, supplements do not have to go through the strict trials and regulations that ethical prescription drugs have to.