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Bayer has suspended the marketing and circulation of all dosage strengths of Baycol. Individuals that are currently taking Baycol should request that their Baycol be discontinued and be switched to an alternative therapy." states E. Paul MacCarthy, MD of the Bayer Coopreration.   Baycol was discontinued due to its use being associated with Rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is a condition where acute muscle damage results in the release of muscle cell contents into the bloodstream.   Rhabdomyolysis may result in kidney damage and other organ injuries, which may be fatal.

Each state has statutes of limitations that determine the time period within which one may file such a Baycol claim. These statutes of limitations, or deadlines, vary from state to state.

Baycol patients who are suffering muscle pain or are also taking gemfibrozil should stop taking Baycol immediately and consult their doctor. Others taking Baycol should talk to their physicians about changing to alternative medications.