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Taxation Law

Did You Know?

Income taxes are so complex that there are up to 1.2 million paid tax preparers in the U.S.

Taxes directly affect the bottom line of every business. Taxation attorneys can help you plan to avoid personal holding company and accumulated earnings taxes and to minimize state excise, sales and use, income, and property taxes. Taxation attorneys represent shareholders, corporations, buyers, sellers and individuals in connection with a variety of tax-related transactions and issues including:

  • Taxation law
  • Tax planning
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax structuring and implementation of business strategies
  • Business reorganizations and dispositions

Tax Planning

In addition to the tax issues facing all growing businesses, issues frequently encountered by individual business owners include:

  • Planning for liquidity and business succession: Buy-sell agreements and other business succession plans, including the use of insurance.
  • Restructuring investment and business entities for changing family circumstances: Sales of businesses and changes of entity.
  • Individual tax planning: State of residence issues; minimizing state taxation; planning for investment income and expenses; structuring compensation and insurance.
  • Tax Audits and Controversies
    Taxation lawyers represent taxpayers of all kinds, including multi-state corporations, small businesses, tax-exempt organizations, and other tax professionals, in the following:
  • Audits and criminal investigations: Our goal is to achieve the best result at the earliest possible stage.
  • Federal and state administrative appeals: A thorough development of the facts and law, a well-written protest, a persuasive oral presentation and a careful response to the concerns and arguments of the taxing authorities often result in a favorable administrative resolution of tax controversies.
  • Tax litigation: We have an established record of successful tax litigation of federal and state income, excise, and property tax matters.
  • Other tax-related litigation: We frequently provide expert testimony on tax issues involved in business and malpractice litigation.

Business Tax Planning

  • Choice of Entity: Selection of proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, trust or other business entity best suited to the client's needs.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Assisting businesses to expand through mergers or acquisitions by providing a broad knowledge of the tax impact of the transaction, allocation of basis among the assets to be acquired, consideration to be given to covenants not to compete or consulting agreements, and determination of what form the new or surviving entity will exist.
  • Spin-offs, Liquidations & Restructuring: Avoiding tax to corporation and shareholders; preserving net operating losses.
  • Sale or Divisions: Determining whether the transaction can be accomplished on a tax-free basis and, if not, whether assets or stock should be sold.
  • Termination of Business: The main goal should be to pay as little tax as possible and to provide an appropriate legal entity to receive the assets of the business upon termination or liquidation.
  • Securities Offerings - Public & Private: Assisting clients with interstate and intrastate securities offerings and the tax impact of the change of status of the securities' registration.
  • Financing Transactions: Structuring borrowings, venture capital and other private placements and public offerings as well as review of bank and Small Business Administration loan documentation from a taxation perspective.
  • Stock Options and Executive Compensation: Assist employers to implement and administer incentive, non-qualified stock option and other equity or equity-flavored compensation plans, assist with worker classification determinations and advise on other employment tax issues.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Structuring like-kind exchanges, sale/leasebacks, real estate investment trusts and conservation property easements and related real property transactions.
  • Federal Tax Audits & Criminal Investigations: Representing individuals toward the best possible resolution of their matters with the Internal Revenue Service, New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration or other taxing authorities at the audit or appeal stages or in court, as quickly as possible.
  • Tax Litigation: We have successfully pursued a variety of tax matters before the U.S. Tax Court, New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and Superior Courts on behalf of our clients.

Estate Tax Planning

  • Planning for Liquidity & Business Succession: Use of family limited liability companies, buy/sell agreements, split dollar agreements and other strategy necessary to protect family business assets and interests, including the use of insurance.
  • Individual Tax Planning: Strategies involved in minimizing federal and state individual and estate income tax as well as residence issues, and structuring compensation and insurance.
  • Individual, Fiduciary & Gift Federal and State Tax Return Preparation : Preparation of various income tax returns focusing on complex legal/tax issues like the exercise of stock options, etc.
  • Medicaid Planning: Strategies and planning to protect and preserve assets with an eye toward the possibility of catastrophic medical needs requiring nursing home care.
  • Estate Planning: Alternative methods of achieving personal goals while minimizing the impact of transfer taxes, probate and administrative costs.
  • Estate & Trust Administration: Assisting fiduciaries with the administration and distribution of estate and/or trust assets including the preparation of IRS Tax Returns - Forms 706 and 1041.
  • Employment Law - Executive Compensation, Stock Options: Representing the employee's side of incentive, non-qualified stock option and other equity compensation plans, worker classification and other employment tax issues.


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