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Sports Law

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sports_lawSports Law encompasses a multitude of areas of law including player contracts and other labor law matters, broadcasting agreements, trademark, copyright and merchandising issues, as well as general corporate, finance and litigation matters.

Contract law is heavily intertwined with sports law. All professional athletes have contracts specifying how much they will be paid for their services. Regardless of the sport these contracts are often worth substantial sums of money and are thus, heavily negotiated by sports agents.

Three Main Areas of Sports Law

Sports Law can be roughly divided into the areas of amateur, professional, and international sports. The distinction between a professional and amateur athlete is somewhat tenuous. So-called "amateur" student/athletes at universities often receive scholarships and other forms of compensation. Also, keep in mind that even though an athlete may be defined as an amateur by one organization, he or she may not be an amateur according to another.

One of the most important relationship areas of professional sports is that between the individual player and the team owner. This contractual relationship is governed by basic contract principles. Most sports leagues now have a Standard Player's Contract which serves as a model employment contract between players and owners. The model contract can be modified to accommodate the special needs and talents of individual players. With the increase in salaries in professional sports agents now represent most players.

Sports Attorney

A Sports Attorney with extensive knowledge of the ownership structures used by professional sports franchises and experience can help:

  • Negotiate licenses with professional sports leagues
  • Negotiate player contracts
  • Protect and enforce trademarks and copyrights for college and professional sports teams
  • Help create and administer merchandising programs
  • Advise on a number of sports-related issues


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