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Securities Fraud

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Last year the Securities and Exchange Commission, other securities regulators and major U.S. securities firms reached a $1.5 billion global settlement involving the issue

Securities Fraud Litigation Attorneys represent issuers, underwriters, selling shareholders, venture capital firms and others in a wide variety of public and private transactions involving the offering and sale of securities. Securities Fraud Litigation can involve several complex issues and it is always recommended to consult with an attorney if you are involved in any Securities Fraud Litigation.

Securities Fraud Litigation Attorneys Assist in the Following Areas:

Corporate Take-Over Litigation

Represent both targets and bidders in take-over litigation under the Williams Act and related statutes, as well as in proxy contests.

Shareholder Derivative Claims

Represent numerous corporate officers, directors, shareholders, minority shareholders and corporations involved in shareholder derivative litigation.

Class Actions

Represent corporate officers, and director defendants in class actions throughout the country including related insurance issues.

SEC Investigations

Represent clients in both informal and formal Securities and Exchange Commission investigations, as well as in criminal and civil litigation filed by the Commission.


Advise broker-dealers in resolving customer disputes, defending against investor complaints, participating in arbitrations, responding to regulatory investigations and assist broker-dealers in identifying measures that can be taken to decrease the potential for litigation.

Dissenting Shareholder Valuation Cases

Represent both corporate and shareholder clients in dissenters' rights valuation proceedings.

Accountants and Attorneys

Represent accounting firms and attorneys in many types of securities fraud cases, including class actions, malpractice actions, and actions brought by investors in public and private offerings.

General and Limited Partnership Disputes

Represent general and limited partners in securities and partnership accounting proceedings.


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