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AOL Fraud

aol_fraudConsumers are being over charged for AOL services without ever agreeing to these services. If you had unauthorized charges for AOL services billed to your credit card, you may be due compensation for these AOL overcharges.

AOL Over Charges Include:

  • AOL Netmarket
  • AOL Privacy Guard
  • AOL Credit Alert
  • AOL Shoppers Advantage
  • AOL Auto Advantage
  • AOL Desk Planner

AOL Accounts Created Without Authorization

AOL is billing members with multiple screen names and they are converting them into separate accounts without the members consent. AOL bills the consumer for the additional accounts and automatically collects monthly payments .

AOL Unauthorized Charges

AOL charges for AOL services such as AOL Auto Advantage, AOL CreditAlert, AOL Netmarket, AOL ShoppersAdvantage, AOL Desk Planner and AOL PrivacyGuard which suddenly appear on a consumer's credit card, debit card or are automatically withdrawn from their bank account without the AOL users consent.

AOL User Cannot Cancel Trial Membership

AOL members sign up for AOL services in good faith for 30-Day free trial period and cannot cancel after 30 day free trial period and the charge is never removed from their credit card or credited back to their bank account.

AOL Desk Planner

AOL members receive an unsolicited desk planner in the mail from AOL and are charged for the desk planner if it's not returned within a certain period of time.

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