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Administration Law

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administration_lawAdministrative Law helps businesses and individuals deal with Federal, State, and Local government, administrative and regulatory agencies, departments and bureaus to make sure they comply with the law and regulations, to pursue claims and advance defenses in administrative law hearings and proceedings, to obtain permits and licenses, to avoid license revocations and suspensions, and to advance client interests in rule-making.

Administrative law encompasses laws and legal principles governing the administration and regulation of both federal and state government agencies. Such agencies are delegated power by Congress or state legislature to act as agents for the executive.

The difference between administrative law and other law

Administrative law cases are tried in administrative courts. In an administrative court, you appear in front of a tribunal, or council, instead of a judge. The tribunal is usually composed of people who are legally trained and are experts in the field of administrative law you are dealing with. They will be the ones who decide your case.

Administrative courts have their own rules and regulations, which are usually different from those of an ordinary civil or criminal court. It's important that you understand these rules and regulations when you appear before an administrative court.

If you are unhappy with a result that you received in an administrative hearing, we are experienced at filing Article 78 proceedings. This process allows you to present your administrative matter to the Supreme Court level for review and resolution. Filing an Article 78 action is often the only recourse available when the administrative process has gone against you.

Administrative law can be complex and frustrating. An experience Administrative attorney can help explain how the law affects your case. If you or a loved one has an upcoming administrative hearing with Corrections, don't go through it alone. We can help ensure that the rules are followed and that you are given every opportunity afforded by those rules to state your case.


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