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Beryllium Treatment

Did You Know?

Some individuals diagnosed with CBD may never become sick enough to require treatment.

Physicians most commonly prescribe the steroid Prednisone to treat the disease. Other steroids such as Dexamethasone or Prednisolone may also be useful. Prednisione , a type of steroid that fights inflammation. Treatment with this medication usually stabilizes the disease and often improves symptoms.

Although steroids are the main treatment for berylliosis, they do have side-effects such as weight gain, thinning of the bones and a weakened immune system. Some patients do well on steroids; others may not be able to tolerate the medication. A successful alternative to steroid treatment has not yet been found.

Treatment is very effective in controlling the disease; however, a complete cure with or without treatment is rare.

Patients who are sensitized to beryllium, but do not yet have the disease do not need treatment. However, they do need to be checked by a doctor regularly for signs of disease.

Patients who have early beryllium disease, but do not yet have symptoms, might not require treatment. However, they need to be checked by a doctor regularly.

Berylliosis can be treated, but not cured. If a loss of lung function is detected, treatment may involve taking corticosteroids (often just called steroids), a medicine that reduces inflammation. If successful, treatment with steroids can slow the progress of berylliosis by reducing the buildup of scar tissue and delaying permanent lung damage.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not respond well to treatment. Others cannot tolerate the side effects of long-term steroid treatment. The right treatment for an individual must be considered in light of that person's overall health and medical history.

Beryllium particles imbedded in the skin often must be removed before skin wounds will heal.