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Benzene Compensation

Did You Know?

Benzene related diseases may develop as late as 29 years after exposure.

No amount of money can fully compensate you or a family member who suffers from a Benzene related disease. These diseases are painful and debilitating and may result in premature death. The loss of a loved one and the drain on family resources and emotions carry an immeasurable price. Many of these Benzene victims or their families are filing lawsuits against companies that exposed them to Benzene to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering. 

The EPA estimates that half of the entire U.S. population has been exposed to the dangerous chemical.

Some Previous Benzene Cases Have Settled For:

  • 6.6 million Verdict on behalf of a 68-year-old man who died from leukemia associated with his Benzene exposure at multiple locations, including Mobil.
  • $6.6 million verdict in a Benzene exposure case brought on behalf of the surviving family members of a petrochemical worker
  • $4.3 million Benzene settlement resulting from the diagnosis and death of four leukemia stricken petrochemical workers.

  • One of the largest hazardous waste case settlements was negotiated in December 2001, because Exxon Mobil Corporation was illegally polluting New York waters with benzene. The settlement amount is inclusive of $8.2 million in civil penalties and $3 million for buying and restoring land in New York City .

( PHOENIX ) 26 October, 2000 -- I n the largest civil settlement of its kind in Arizona history, Union Oil Company of (Unocal) has agreed to pay $675,000 in penalties for delaying the investigation and cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination caused by leaking underground gasoline storage tanks at one of its former Tempe service stations, state officials announced today. The first groundwater samples taken by Unocal from beneath the service station in 1992 showed benzene levels to be as high as 2,200 times Arizona 's legal limit for benzene in groundwater.


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