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Questions For Your Doctor about Asbestos

* Print this when you go to see your doctor.

If you suspect that you may have Asbestos , here is a list of questions that you should ask you doctor to help you better understand your treatment options.

•  What can you tell me about Asbestos? 

•  What stage is it? 

•  What sort of treatment do you recommend? 

•  What is the aim of the treatment? 

•  Is there a choice of treatment? 

•  How long will treatment last? 

•  What is Levodopa? (Drug Information)

•  How is this related to Hodgkin's Disease?

•  Will I have to have any surgery / radiotherapy / chemotherapy? 

•  What side effects will there be? 

•  Is there anything I can do to help reduce the side effects? 

•  When will you know how well the treatment has worked? 

•  What will you be able to tell me? 

•  How often will you see me after treatment has finished? 

•  What should I do if I am worried between appointments? 

•  Will I be able to have more treatment if the disease comes back? 

•  Are there any experimental treatments that might help? 

Are there any clinical trials that you would recommend for me?