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Know Your Legal Rights about Asbestos!

If you or someone you know has an asbestos-related disease, you owe it to yourself to make sure that your rights are protected. Your rights vary depending on many factors such as your residence, where you were exposed to asbestos, and the location of the responsible asbestos companies. Each state has its own laws and governs the law differently. Each state also has its own deadlines for allowing victims of asbestos disease to file lawsuits, called statutes of limitation and statutes of repose.

The effects of asbestos 20, 30 and even 40 or more years later have been devastating. Workers exposed to asbestos could potentially contract Mesothelioma, a terminal cancer or another condition called asbestosis.

Under the law, if you have an asbestos-related disease, you are entitled to fair compensation from the companies that are responsible for the asbestos products that caused your disease.


If you are a victim of Mesothelioma or Asbestosis, your eligibility will depend on several factors:
a) Statute of Limitations
b) Identify Your Exposure
c) Responsible Parties

Wrongful Death Suit

The law also says that if you are a close family member of a person who died of an asbestos-related disease, you may also have the right to seek compensation for your loss. This right is called a "wrongful death" suit. The laws of different states vary as to which family members have the legal right to recover for the wrongful death of a family member. We can help decide which state is best for your case, depending upon your individual situation.

Statute of Limitations

While you have the right to sue if you have, or a family member has, an asbestos-related disease, there is a time frame during which you must file your case. This statute of limitations varies from state to state, but if you wait too long, you will be barred from taking legal action. If you are interested in filing a case, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible.