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About Legal Help Center


Please take a few minutes for me to introduce you to Legal Help Centers.

My name is David Dimas, and I am the founder of Legal Help Centers. I have been working with law firms for six years helping them get cases from the Internet. During this time I have developed relationships with lawyers in each state. I saw firsthand how difficult finding an experienced lawyer online could be for consumers and I saw many people including myself get taken advantage by some unscrupulous lawyers.

Finding the right lawyer to handle your case can be very difficult and a time consuming task. Lawyers are very busy and may not be available to talk to you in your time of greatest need. We are here to assist you in finding an experienced lawyer to help you with your legal situation.

We have developed relationships with experienced lawyers in each state that we know will work hard to win your case. You can be 100% confident that the lawyers that we work with will have your best interest in mind.

We have helped people get placed with lawyers for wrongful death cases, car accidents, mesothelioma, asbestos, benzene, manganese (welding rod), airplane crashes, bus accidents, workplace injuries, employment issues, dog bites, nursing home, medical malpractice and bad prescription drug cases.

We have placed people with family lawyers, employment lawyers, immigration lawyers, social security disability lawyers, criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, business lawyers, arbitration lawyers, securities lawyers, and class action lawyers.

Navigating through the legal process is going to be a long term project, and you need to prepare for this. Remember, not to loose site of the bigger picture. Having experienced legal placement representation can save you a lot of time and hard earned money.

The Legal Help Center network was founded on the premise that everyone should be able to find the best possible legal representation for their legal situation. We believe that people have the right to find the best possible legal representation from the most experienced lawyers in their state.

We cannot help solve everyone's legal situation, but we can help you to know your legal options and know that we are here to help you through the process of getting the legal help that you need.

God Speed!